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THE DUNGEON OF DYNOR is a ten-level gonzo megadungeon created by Tod Foley for his homebrewed AD&D campaign on the planet "Thear" (1977-1988).

Like most megadungeons of its time, it's weird, it's cramped, it's unintentionally hilarious, and it makes very little narrative sense -- but it does provide hundreds of hours of mostly-playtested and fairly-well-balanced classic D&D adventuring fun for characters levels 1-20.

It's a place for Professional Adventurers to go in and grab cool shit and get out, then come back later and go even deeper and grab even cooler shit, you know how it works, lather, rinse, repeat...

Except -- also like many megadungeons of its time -- it RESETS ITSELF every time you leave.


Dynor is one of the few artifacts in Foley's hoard to have survived since The Before Times, its ludo-arcanity preserved in an unlabeled notebook for decades, until recently rediscovered in a careless act of housecleaning.

It includes not only ten dungeon levels, but a wide assortment of obsessive random generators as only Foley makes 'em, for rolling up unpredictable NPCs, equipment, treasure, chests, doors, enchanted weaponry, cultists, and more.


Hand-drawn on assorted types of lined, unlined and graph paper, stained by coffee, cola and salad dressing, torn in half by the designer's mother in 1980 then literally salvaged from the garbage and taped back together, The Dungeon of Dynor is a physical record of a time long gone.


The Dynor Project -- now seeking contributions from you, the D&D-playing fan of sophisticated taste and historical fancy -- proposes to scan, redraw, rekey and clean up this classic piece of nostalgia for home use, reproducing the original dungeon in the form of a clean and modern perfect-bound paperback to bring to your table. This book will include both the original versions and the cleaner updated versions of all maps and illustrations, along with all supporting text, charts and tables, and pleasant, legible page designs.


The Dynor Project will be entirely funded by presale orders on Itch. The minimum pre-order amount is $10 (this gets you the PDF), or $25 for the Paperback plus PDF. For every $100 the project takes in, another level of the dungeon will be scanned, cleaned, and prepped for print. The final book will be released around the end of 2023, in whatever form it has taken by that time, and all contributors will receive a copy of the finished product.

About Itchfunding: Modeled after the Early Access approach in video games, Itchfunding is an alternative to Kickstarter that allows for more community feedback and creator flexibility (plus no NFT bullshit). Funding takes places over a longer timeframe, allowing creators to improve and expand their game without the pressure or crunch of traditional crowdfunding.

As the project progresses you will receive regular updates and playtest notes, and your feedback is welcome! You can send email to tod@asifproductions.com


We can have some of those, right? If the project takes in more than the $1000 required to deliver all ten levels of Dynor, additional material can be created to flesh it out even further:

Stretch Developments:

@ $2,000 - VTT Maps and Video Templates for online play

@ $3,000 - Full-page illustrations by better artists than me

@ $4,000 - supporting material for Deneldor and surrounding lands

@ $5,000 - supporting material for Thear and the global campaign


$10 = preorder PDF copy

$25 = preorder paperback copy

$100 = do the next level right frikkin now, Tod


There's a bunch of ways:

• Post about it on social media. Use hashtag #DungeonOfDynor so I can find it!

• Join the As If Discord where you can talk with other fans and offer feedback.

• Join the As If Collective on Patreon to help fund additional As If Books and Games.

• Invite me on to your podcast or stream to talk about the project.

• Purchase a second copy or pay above the asking price.

• Check out some of the other games from As If. This uplifts the hobby as a whole and supports indie game development!


Remember, that's $10 for the PDF, or $25 for the Paperback plus PDF, and the Dungeon of Dynor will be yours on or around Dec 31st, 2023.


Pre-order Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this Dungeon you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:

Dungeon of Dynor - pdf
Dungeon of Dynor - book
if you pay $25 USD or more

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@Thaddeus suggested we should spread the word to classic D&D groups, and I think that's a great idea. Also OSR people, and all stripes of grognards! So here's some copypasta you can use for telling people about this project. Feel free to grab any of the art.

  • DYNOR is a ten-level gonzo megadungeon created by Tod Foley (author of CyberSpace and DayTrippers) for the planet Thear (1977-88).
  • THE DYNOR PROJECT is scanning and restoring this amateur classic piece of 70s AD&D nostalgia for your table.
  • NOW ITCHFUNDING. https://as-if.itch.io/the-dungeon-of-dynor

Suggested hashtags include #DnD #TTRPG #DungeonsAndDragons #OSR