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In the late 23rd century, the planet Bogg was discovered quite by accident when a hypershunt failed to reach its intended destination, and 3,000 human colonists were stranded there without any means of returning to Earth.  Three millennia have passed since planetfall.

The intervening centuries were dark times during which the colonists and their descendants acquainted themselves with the environment, learning to survive in this harsh setting, adapting to their surroundings generation by generation, and eventually forgetting completely about their original home planet. The science and technology they brought with them has mostly been forgotten or destroyed.  Their DNA has adapted to local conditions over time, and genetic drift has resulted in three distinct sub-races who share the planet with a variety of xeno-life forms, and who remain entirely ignorant of their galactic history.

Visit a world of mutated races, alien fauna, dense swirling fogs, aerial micro-organisms, and the great floating creatures known as Gasbags.  BOGG is both a science fiction destination for planetary missions and a global setting for extended play, suitable for both one-shots and campaigns.

CORE Micro

BOGG is based on the CORE roleplaying system.
Conversion tables are included for other popular systems.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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