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Written by Tod Foley (creator of CyberSpace, Ghosts in the Machine, and Watch the World Die) the DayTrippers Gamemasters Guide blends modern and traditional gamemastering techniques with the random input of oracular systems and the spontaneously-generative approach of surrealist art.

The Daytrippers Gamemasters Guide is a toolkit for creating surreal adventures in weird worlds and other dimensions. With this expansion to the DayTrippers Core Rules, the GM takes the players into new and wildly divergent realities every session, blurring the line between subjective and objective reality.

Psychic Content.  Vertical Control.  Sketchy Prep.  High Bleed.

The result is a fast interpretive system with its own skittery mechanics, spitting out an endless variety of psychoactive science fiction narratives.

What people are saying...

"I love DayTrippers!"
- Ron Edwards, author of Sorcerer, Trollbabe, co-founder of The Forge

"Though the book is written for the DayTrippers game, this is a book I would recommend to any GM that wants to cultivate great ideas and find useful suggestions on how to further develop their GM skills."
- Keith Mageau, RollingBoxcars

"It's a game for good gamers. The rules aren't hard to figure out, and even with all the crazy stuff you can stumble across, there are plenty of generators to cover your ass..."
-David Guyll, author of A Sundered World

"The goal ofDayTrippers is to produce science fiction adventures that encourage thought through the presence of surrealist ideas, objects and concepts. It achieves this through flexible mechanics that sit in the background of play, and through the wealth of supporting materials. This is a game that is unafraid of philosophy and welcomes it to the table."
- Jaye Foster, 6d6

"Man, there is so much stuff in this book!"
- Johnstone Metzger, author of Adventures on Dungeon Planet


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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