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A CORE-based Orbital Odyssey that just might feel familiar...

It's your rookie mission to space, and you have been hired to install a new state-of-the-art scanning device (that you helped invent through your studies) on the Hubble Space Telescope. You are out on a spacewalk, doing your job, just three bursts away from the shuttle "Explorer." Your captain is the jolly veteran Major Tom Lebowsky, who enjoys talking about ex-girlfriends who slipped away, and theorizing about spiders from Mars.

FAR ABOVE THE WORLD is a one-shot adventure for a single Player, though more could be accomodated by a crafty GM. It's powered by CORE - the Creative Options Roleplaying Engine.

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The CORE MICRO system is a simple hybrid RPG SRD for character-driven stories, written by Tod Foley & published by As If Productions under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The CORE system may be used or modified for free or for profit, simply by attributing the system and author.

Minimal Rules. Maximal Possibility.

CORE produces emergent stories that are character-driven, dynamic, and unpredictable.

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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